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In Clinic Diagnostics

Woodbury Veterinary Hospital provides on-site diagnostic testing with same day results to determine your pet’s overall health condition. We offer these lab services to pet owners in Woodbury, McMinnville, Murfreesboro, and Readyville, Tennessee.

Diagnostic tests that we routinely perform include CBCs, glucose and thyroid testing, pre-anesthesia blood work, testing for parasites for dogs and cats, and progesterone testing. Diagnostic tests are critical to veterinarians because they can indicate an existing condition that may not be obvious through an external examination.

Results from diagnostic testing can detect infection and anemia, determine electrolyte status and hydration levels, check blood sugar levels, evaluate kidney and thyroid function, as well as show the presence of a variety of parasites. Our quick turn around time enables our veterinarians to give you a diagnosis and start treatment on the same day. That’s all the better for quickly getting your pet back to normal.

If you feel that something is not right with your pet, don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment with Woodbury Veterinary Hospital today.