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Wellness Programs

As people age, their bodies and medical needs begin to change; this is true of our pets as well. That is why the veterinarians and caring staff at Woodbury Veterinary Hospital will develop an individualized plan for your pets, no matter what stage they are in their lives.

When puppies and kittens come to Woodbury Veterinary Hospital for the first time, our veterinarian will perform a routine physical examination and collect a fecal sample to check for intestinal parasites. We will establish a vaccine protocol based on your pet’s lifestyle, and will recommend the best heartworm and flea and tick preventatives that are just right for your pet. Additionally, you will receive recommendations for appropriate diet and exercise for your youngster as well as advice about the best time to spay or neuter your pet.

Once a baseline of information has been established for your young pet, it is essential to maintain annual visits to the veterinarian to monitor your pet’s health and catch potential problems so that they don’t develop into a serious condition.

As your pet ages, health profiles become extremely important for your pet's well-being. Dog and cats that are seven years old are considered seniors, and it is recommended that we see them twice a year. Physical exams, blood work that checks blood chemistry levels, and complete blood counts provide valuable information about your aging pet’s overall health.

If you live in Woodbury, Manchester, Smithville, or Bradyville, and your pet is a puppy or a kitten, young adult, or senior, come see us at Woodbury Veterinary Hospital. We would love to get to know you and your pets and start them on a journey of healthy and happy living.

Puppies Typical Vaccination Schedule

6 Weeks   Distemper/Parvo combo #1, Deworm
9 Weeks   Distemper/Parvo combo #2, Deworm
12 Weeks   Distemper/Parvo combo #3
16 Weeks   Distemper/Parvo combo #4, Rabies, Lyme #1,
Bordatella, Start Heartworm Preventive
19-20 Weeks   Lyme #2
Annually   Distemper/Parvo combo, Rabies, Lyme, Bordatella

Kittens Typical Vaccination Schedule

9 Weeks   Feline Distemper combo, Deworm, Feline Leukemia Test
12 Weeks   Feline Distemper combo, Deworm, Feline Leukemia #1
16 Weeks   Feline Distemper combo, Feline Leukemia #2, Rabies
Annually   Feline Distemper combo, Deworm, Feline Leukemia, Rabies